PlanetPlay is partnering with the world’s most forward-thinking game studios to fight the climate crisis

The Games Industry can play a critical role in the future of our planet

With it’s passionate 3.1 bn player following, the games industry has enormous potential to support and influence climate positive change globally. Games are a unique platform through which to inspire, educate and mobilize players in support of the climate and ancillary causes.

This is why we created PlanetPlay, to help the Games Industry and its playing community easily and accessibly contribute to climate positive action.

PlanetPlay is a Sphaira Innovation brand. Sphaira Innovation is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to reversing the climate crisis through the power of people and technology. Learn More

Find out more about our partnership with game studios at our PlanetPlay partners site. Learn More

The values that fuel our organization


We are a mission focused organization dedicated to helping restore the planet in collaboration with our partners and community.


As a not-for-profit entity we aim to be completely transparent in everything we do and how we report our progress.


Always be in beta. As a company we are constantly working to see how we can deploy new ideas and thinking in our technology and platform.


We believe that the fight against climate change can be won, and that every project we develop drives towards a goal we can all share in.

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